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Canada Research Chairs

Being awarded a Canada Research Chair is a recognition of excellence. Discover the cutting-edge expertise of the CRC chairholders at Université Laval and the strategies UL has put in place to foster equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Vacant chairholder positions

There is currently no vacant chairholder positions.

Fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion

Université Laval reiterates its unwavering commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). By choosing openness, we are upholding excellence in research and research education.

EDI action plan and accountability

Measures in place to ensure diversity among chairholders

Transparency in the chairholder selection process

Faculty requirements and tools

Training on unconscious bias and peer evaluation

For the benefit of evaluation committee members

Who to contact for more information

Recruitment process

Jean-Philippe Marquis
Research Development Advisor
Office of the Vice Rector, Research and Innovation
418 656-2131, poste 408878

EDI aspects of the recruitment process

Patricia Neitthoffer
Equity Officer
Office of the Vice Rector, Human Resources
418 656-2131, poste 400033

A group of researchers on the bank of a river

What is a CRC?

CRCs are prestigious positions that allow UL to attract highly accomplished or promising researchers and benefit from their unique expertise. From young academics with undeniable potential to seasoned professors with an international reputation, CRC appointees strenghten Canada’s global reputation for excellence in fields such as social sciences, health, natural sciences, and engineering.

Researcher in a laboratory

In figures

94 Canada Research Chairs

6th ranked university for the number of CRCs